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Play FuckIt for whatever makes you furious, can be anything, write what bothers you and "FuckIt".Enable FuckIt on Twitter for your friends to see their posts and help share .Enable sound and let your most exciting FuckIt.
Create your nick, participate and monitor the ranking of those most play FuckIt.Play the FuckIt for those in rank ,n good plain sense ...Current affairs and follow the most talked about.
See below for a description of each screen.Play FuckIt :Here is the basic type in the text you want to " Fuck " and Play the FuckIt box.Nothing specific , just want to fuck the rest ? Play the FuckIt not need a subject.Here you can still see how many FuckIt has played and what their position in the World Rankings fuckers .
My Fuck's:This item can be seen a ranking of FuckIt played by you . Ranked by daily , weekly, monthly and overall .Where the 10 issues most played in the period .
Fucker's Rank :This item can be seen a ranking of those most played FuckIt period , and clicking on the member's username , you can see all FuckIt played by it . Also with a long click you can send a FuckIt to poor user . The same will be notified with a friendly message.
Fucked's Rank:That item are displayed rankings of the people who carried a FuckIt óóó ... pity ...Do not forget to strengthen deserved ...
Fucked's Subjects :Here are nothing but rankings of the issues that most people played FuckIt , guaranteed fun !If you liked a FuckIt played, click it and play the FuckIt for him too .
Settings :On the settings screen is allowed to enable or not the sound of FuckIt. To do this simply select the desired option .The exciting sound fuckoff or rough voice of Genoveva reading your FuckIt. And may also enable FuckIt on twitter, and post them on social network.
Download, install and have fun playing the desestre up FuckIt.